Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Point Gained Or Dropped? (Lee & Robbie's Player Ratings)

Publisert 2. okt.. 2021
Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Point Gained Or Dropped? (Lee & Robbie's Player Ratings)

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  • Isn't it pure bred delusion when weather even comes into the discussion of performance, like it hasn't been there for decades of the game

  • Ramsdale-7, Tomiyasu-6, White-7, Gabriel-8(MOTM), Tierney-6, Lokonga-5, Partey-6, Odegaard-5, Smith-Rowe: 7, Saka-7, Aubameyang-4... Subs: Lacazette-6, Mailand-Niles: 5, Referee-6, Arteta-5

  • Pepe stinks

  • Pepe a 3? Aubameyang a 4? absolutely deluded Auba has been shite for too long now sell him in January stop trying to polish a turd 😂

  • It does rain in Italy lol 😂

  • I agree with most things said but one... stats say it as well White was our best defender against Brighton. Gabriel had a great game too but i feel like white was the defender who was most involved in that clean sheet esp in first half considering Tommy was being left a few times but was lucky to have white to be covering and helping out

  • So in conclusion, Robbie agrees with Lee.

  • You lot moan so much about the team yet no1 gets below a 5 for that performance.. make ur minds up

  • Lee standing there wondering why he's there when Robbie was changing his ratings. Tierney was very poor on the ball at the weekend, far too reluctant to pass with his right foot.

  • Is Tierney better or more dangerous bombing forward than being a strict defender

  • Let’s be real some players were finding it difficult to play under that weather condition but that shouldn’t be an excuse

  • How many times dose Robbie mention the weather

  • Gabriel s a badman🔥🔥🔥

  • Selfishness in front of the opponents goal is costing Arsenal precious points. The clueless manager must tell the players that it doesn't matter who scores, they must learn to stop seeking self-glorification. Partey, Smith Rowe worst offenders. Teamwork means getting the 3 points at stake regardless of who scores.

  • The Arsenal, anywhere forward of defence, were ponderous on the ball. But we did not lose. Lessons learnt, let’s hope.

  • I never think a lose or a draw against Brighton especially after Neal Maupay mocked us on the twitter. Definitely this is dropped 2 points unless we want to be the mediocre fans.

  • The starting line up was good but the manner we played was not like the way we played against Spurs. That is make the difference. We can play the same players but if any player drop in his performance, then it will result differently. And also depend on what the manager wants them to play in his formation with even the same starting line up. Obviously, Partey was like playing alone in the holding midfield because Lokonga unable to play like Xhaka when he drifted to the left too much during KT made the attacking and he unable to get back to his original position [paired with Partey] quick enough if Brighton attack back on lose ball.

  • Cecilia gets a big fat black 0

  • we musn't forget it has been raining

  • Just goes to show how far arsenal have gone downhill when a point away at Brighton is a good point.

  • Why do you keep talking about the rain Robbie? With the greatest of respect - stop talking nonsense.

  • So the contract extension curse is true...

  • Back to life Back to reality Brighton dropped 2 points😁😄😅

  • We're still not a serious club. But, after Edu's reason for why we went for young players to have the foundation in place, what they do in the transfer market starting from January will determine the direction We're actually going. Those young players are not ready to deliver on a consistent basis, either they're not ready physically or not properly prepared physically by the coach, because there are many youngsters in the premiership that are way physically and defensively conscious than our yougsters. If you can't match your defensive duty with your attacking skills in the premiership, you will be strolled over by almost every team in the league and this reminds me of Wenger's last 15 years at Arsenal - mentally and physically weak group of players. And, with Xhaka out till at least December, We're in a very big trouble.

  • How can we talk about top 4 If we can’t beat Brighton. I’ll tell you now we’ll be lucky to get 7th.

  • Try getting Julian to do player ratings guys

  • auba is dead man we need to start laca or martinelli

  • Looks like Ty chickened out, not doing a fan cam after all his tough talk before the game.

  • Robbie sounding like Ty… “we have to remember it was raining”. Auba was shocking. Partey needs to stop shooting. Lukonga needs time

  • Arsenal r really bad at high pressing the opponents. Lacazette would have done a better job in that game.

  • These ppl are bad at rating.

  • It's disappointing to drop 2 points but after the 3 defeats, if someone said to me we would have 10 points out the next 12 points I would have took it. Brighton are a good side, still building but defo think we are improving. Slowly but surely 🙈

  • The only thing that prevented you guys losing this game was the poor finishing from Brighton. The midfield was overrun for most of the game. You definitely missed Xhaka.

  • Guys I am pleased with our defence, if we keep on defending the way we did; top 4 is a sure deal. We are headed in the right direction. I am sure we are ending in top 4.

  • Robbie if the weather was such an issue, how come Brighton played us of the park? If they had more firepower they could've battered us

  • Arsenal’s starting 11 is a very good team. Arteta is never going to take this team to the next level.

  • How long will it take Arteta to realise Aubameyang is not a hold up striker, buy a hold up striker or play him in behind

  • Don Robbie : "We mustn't forget that it's been raining" Where have I heard that before? 😄

  • You all took the bait! Arteta did something against the Spurs and you thought the 'messiah' had arrived-- well its still the same old same old! Your being conned ! Arteta is way out of his depth!!

  • Arteta tactics battered by brighton manager tactics

  • When is the manager going to have the balls to drop auba. Has one good game and never kicks on time to try the other strikers in the sqaud. He's going through what Leno went through knows there's no competition behind, so regardless how he performs he's going to play the following week, that in itself is dangerous and won't help the team.

  • How many times did Pepe get the ball? Yall just been harsh on him for nothing.

  • Lee “I have to say” judges

  • We have no striker, Auba is not good enough to Arsenal!!! PL it doesn’t just consist of two matches ( 2 NLD )!! We have to buy 1or 2 strikers if we want to go to top six or four!!

  • One manager who took a team from the third tier in Sweden to the allsvensken in 3 years and with the same players finished 3rd, and beat Arsenal at the emirates…. Vs Mikel Arteta. One of all of the pathetic’captains’ from the emirates era. And experience is being peps sidekick in a team that’s spent over a billion on their squad… 👏🏻 No contest Arsenal fans as deluded as usual

  • Most of our players were having an off day. But because our defense were getting better with every game, we got a draw. Not a bad one point, i think!

  • I'm waiting for you to excuse Xhaka same as you excuse Auba

  • What’s the point of getting anyone else to give ratings if you gonna overrule each one and impose your own??

  • Some of the best games have been against the elements!!

  • Lee giving Ramsdale an 8 when they barely had a shot on target all game haha

  • Odegaard send him back to Madrid

  • I could tell Tomi was gonna struggle In that game the moment they were walking out of the tunnel for the first half. He did not look comfortable with the whether lol. Looked cold and confused before the ball was even kicked 😂 Will be a huge learning curve for him that game.

  • Think we need to stop talking about the conditions on the pitch, Brighton also had the same conditions - they dealt with them better than us

  • Ty mentions rain gets laughter ridicule after Brighton game maybe he had a point 🤔?

    • He's a visionary. Remember how everyone laughed at Wenger when he said Arsenal could go unbeaten for a whole season and less than 2 years later it happened? 😄

  • Gabrielle, Arsenal's best player on the day.

  • 👍🏾👊🏾

  • felt sorry for Laca. He deserves better than this. you see how better he does when he is in the pitch.

  • Both teams have to endure the weather. C'mon mate!

  • In the next transfer window we need someone who can hold the ball because Auba just cannot do that.

  • That midfield was clogged, no way we could do any short passing without being immediately swarmed and the pitch didn't seem long enough so we could be totally direct.

  • I love the content and watch most your videos but sometimes I can’t believe what I hear on here. These are f*cking professional footballers who play for Arsenal and we’re here saying the rain had impact????! Lmao we will never be what we were😂dont be fooled by a couple wins, Arteta is not the guy to take us forward and that’s reality. Also you’re quick to thrash Pepe in ratings but what about Auba who played a whole hour longer??😂 It just seems like bias because Auba has been shocking but because he’s our star man, he can do no wrong?

    • @camari hardz Ye everyone has high expectations opn Pepe and I feel like fans expect him to play good every game even if the whole team plays poor, its football...not a one man show, like you said Auba did literally nothing and still gets a better rating??!! They need to have the same expectations on every player... just because he cost 70 mil he cant do everything

    • @Ante We have expectations from Pepe as he’s our record signing but it’s time to get over it now. When he plays he’s clearly a threat and he’s done more than Auba over this past year or so but no one on here gives him any credit.

    • Pepe is always the lowest rating lmao, they are Pepe haters

  • What makes me happy is that we know we easily beat them and all the players worked hard so I’m not angry wit the results

  • Fsns 10

  • Pepe was poor 4

  • We didn’t play our best also the conditions were really difficult as we seen tomi even ramsdale making mistakes so I’m good with the point in the past we probably would’ve conceded and lost the match anyways into the next

  • I really like Tomiyasu but this was his worst game and I think a 6 is generous. I’d probs have to give him a 4. Hey only one bad game and even then it was horrible conditions and something he’s not used to at all. But he’s a good lad and will come back so much stronger in the next!!! I love the man.

  • Auba was poor should have scored 4

  • assenal will never change...once they beat a team, they will celebrate like they won the champions league...bunch of asses...get arteta out and bring in conte...these asses need whipping

  • Lee i love you man but COME ON, Tomiyasu a 6 and tierney 5???? You lot were obviously stuck on top squad to long hahahahaha tomiyasu granted is a new player but was no better than 4, he was horrible yesterday.

  • Smith rowe work hard should have done better 7

  • Odegaard was not his best 5

  • Lokonga wasn't having his best game but could have done better 5

  • People say tierney has been bad but he’s created some of the most chances for a fullback in the prem

  • Gabriel was soild once again 8

  • Why is Robbie talking like this is the first time it’s ever rained it’s embarrassing

  • Ben white was ok an did his job 7

  • stop making excuse about the rain Robbie we was rubbish today

  • Ramsdale kept a cleansheet made some big saves 7

  • There ain,t no tens in this rating for any arsenal player

  • Wtf is black history month

  • Martinelli feels wasted as well. This looked like his game. But he needs to start scoring long rangers ..... dribble well as he does ..... understanding of the opponent and how to score

  • Lets not forget that it’s been raining

  • ESR showed why he is still a potential and needs improvement with finishing. Saka too needs to get better at finishing. Auba is a tap in striker. We don’t have a striker who creates something out of nothing and connects really well with others. Laca connected better.

  • Our record at Brighton isn’t great firstly but I’d say it’s a point gained considering performance. I’d like to point out Brighton pressed well cutting off those lanes out from back forcing long passes that auba didn’t fare well with. But still think when we did attack we had the better chances clear cut chances. It’s another clean sheet for ramsdale and back four. White had a decent game

  • Point gained

  • Harsh on Pepe IMO. If ESR10 had passed him the ball he'd have a simple tap-in. And we'd win the game, ESR had opportunities to give an assist but he wanted to do it himself (selfish most times).

  • Partey flatters to deceive . Loose passing due to not looking . Getting fed up with seeing all his shots at goal ending up in row z . It's like watching Bobby Zamora . He needs to up his game .

  • We mustn’t forget it’s been raining 🌧 -ty

  • Auba terrible he’s touch was worse than Lukaku.

  • In the end Brighton deserved a penalty other teams with a proper Nr.9 put 3 or 4 goals in the back of the net

  • Wanna mention the rain any more or?

  • Tierney gets a 6 because of the conditions? Has the weather been worse on the left than on the right? I didn't notice. And how about Brighton? Did they play indoors?

  • Arsenal needs a striker and a finisher and not aubameyang. The earlier we realized that, the better for the team. The result wasn't bad at all, Brighton would take any team in the premiership at home with a good results, they are a decent side too. But arsenal really need a striker in the mould of Drogba or lukaku, not aubameyang.

  • I'm sick of hearing "he worked hard" that's not good enough even Sunday league players can work hard does that mean they should be a professional player ? That rain should of suited arsenal because of the fast pace of the ball zipping on the grass !

  • Know Brighton have been doing well and tough conditions but not happy yesterday at all... Don't like the fans settling for a point - I expect more from this club the formation was terrible, first half showed a change was required and didnt happen. Look at the stats of this game and we were lucky to get a point... shambles

  • This manager is not the man to take us a step upwards his skills has a manager our very poor, If we had a top manager we woudnt be where we are we would be in the top 5 . ARTETA OUT

  • Tomiyasu a 7 what game were you watching lee?

  • This is serious because we lack goals; especially from midfield. Odegaard and Pepe again toothless and Arteta too scared to attack and impose our game on them like last week. This is how it's gonna feel for Us for most matches vs the teams around Us now. I'm in no mood to crack 'jokes' like ''Arteta should tell them we're playing Spuds every week''. It *will* cost Us CL, no doubt. Yet people will still worm for excuses. Overmars + Ten Haag in.

  • If Auba always plays, why is Pepe out of the team so many times?

  • Are you guys rating the players or the game in general, Ramsdale made such an important save that could have been zero points for Arsenal? I would have given him 9 - using the logic that is minus one point for not winning the game.