Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Player Ratings

Publisert 2. okt.. 2021
Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Player Ratings

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  • Only gabriel was a 8

  • Let’s be honest, Kelichi is a great guy and the interviewer is a bit rude to him..

  • There's no way aubameyang gets a 6-7 he's honestly washed up asf it's about time we stop defending this Instagram model.

  • For me everybody gets a aubameyang and partey 5 and ramsdale 7...all substitutes 4

  • Lmfao I understand Robbie can’t do everything but my god Cecil this was garbage interview so dead. And also we don’t give .5 on AFTV you should know that more than anyone. Robbie find someone else to pass the mic to I’m sorry but this really really ain’t it. Better than James at interviewing but still not it. James is great and I mean Great and sitting and breaking down a game to the AFTV fans you need to find something for Cecil to do bruh because nah this video became annoying. He gave more of an opinion than the guy he’s interviewing lmfao

  • Cecil,...come on...

  • Love Kalechis use of the phrase damp squib having said that he's wrong with his ratings

  • ESR should cross pass or stop a bit, cut it back and let the CB goes ahead and pass to the left to Saka. That is the best option. He got no space at all to score from that angle. Only Foden can score from that angle against Liverpool OR Salah scored against Man City. Both goals from very tight angle.

  • People always say Auba doesn't get the service from the back. When I see Auba lost his 2 first touches near the box, I know he was not in good form today from beginning. And it shown clearly when he unable to deal one against one with the GK. Yes, I know it is an offside but still it shows how lack of form in him. Those 2 lost first touches could make him to score goal. You cannot expect someone to provide the ball in front of him at an open goal all the time. As the striker, you need to convert 50% chances to goal. Even Salah can turn less than 10% chance to goal against Man City. So, Auba do gets provide to score from the midfielders but he just can't convert it into goal. So, stop giving excuse to Auba.

  • Noone get above 7 in this. Talking about 8s and 9s is mad

  • These ratings are too generous. Odegaard 6.5 is unbelievable. Odegaard is 1

  • Kelechi is right, why the high scores. Fans like Cecil are the problem. 9 for Ramsdale, he is def on drugs...7 max and only cause he got a clean sheet

  • Wtf is 6.5 …Robbie get these clowns out of here… the ratings are poor

  • Dear oh dear…what game did Cecil watch?

  • Your asking him to rate players but you don’t agree with anything he says? 😳 What’s the point?

  • Cecil's football knowledge is equal to the scoreline..A big fat 0(ZERO)!!!

  • Auba & Odegaard 7? What game were these man watching??!!!!

  • Cecil Idk if I y s the fact ur excited to finally have an away game but no1 deserves more than a 7

  • Best watching Troopz his player ratings make more sense

  • Cecil the ultimate yes man !

  • Player ratings from Kelechi but it’s mostly Cecil lol 😂

  • Troopz would have gave out a couple 3s. Cecil and kelchie too nice

  • They really argued over a 6 or 6.5😂😂😂

  • "For Whaa?" 😂😂😂😂

  • Score defenders and Keeper 8 or 9, then from attacking midfield score others poor. How can you judge defenders from attackers failing to do their job?

  • A piece of constrictive criticism for Cecil. When you're asking people for their player ratings you should probably not try to influence THEIR ratings by forcing your opinions on them. It's annoying when Robbie does it but at least he doesn't do it as much

  • Cecil being deluded here

  • The defenders and goal keeper are all 8's and everyone else is 5...

  • A man said a 9

  • I like this Guy's interview ,kelachi

  • Kelechiiii mmhmhmm

  • How can you rate every player above average but the performance was below average

  • We got away with a point. If they had a half decent striker they would have won comfortably. The scores are way to high. So many below par performances. Apart from Ramsdale I wouldn't score anyone better than 5.

  • I would like to see Parteys shooting accuracy percentage. Has to be below 10%.


  • Cecil Auba 7 OMG Really i love Tomi but 7 really and ramsdale 9 im done with you bro.. 😆😃

  • big up cecil

  • Over ran by Brighton?!!!!

  • Bring Back DT

  • Favoritism saka and Smith who didn't get us going forward gets a bigger ratings than Gabriel white and ramsdale who kept their clean sheet

  • Again aftv getting the show political

  • Cecil don’t ever do player rating …embarrassing yourself

  • Ramsdale did not drop the ball. It was a foul on him. He was simply knocked off. That is the difference between watching the game on tv and watching it live from the stands. The perspective on how player has played, changes.

  • 6.5....

  • haha Kelechi the man

  • Cecil, even Ty who can sometimes be blindly biased to Arsenal has given most of our players a rating of 5 after a poor performance. Your ratings for such a poor performance are even higher than Ty's bro!! Also, player ratings on AFTV never had halves allowed in all its years 😉

  • Saka gets a 7...really

  • Why .5 😂

  • How did Odegaard get a 6.5? He didn’t press, didn’t create, didn’t do anything. The guy was non existent today

  • Odegarrd was so poor, it was shocking

  • Please remove this guy from AFTV..... SO BORING AND ANNOYING

  • Cecil is definitely on work experience, not sure what game he was watching. No one should be getting a 7 other than Ramsdale. Average all over. Auba probably a 5. Brighton were the better team, so a draw was a point gained for us

  • Normally don’t agree with Kelechi but he’s right, no one gets above a 7.

  • Where's ty 😂

  • Nobody got less than a 6 and two players got an 8. Arsenal must have won the game.

  • At this point, we might even rate the rain - 5.5/10. So high ratings for an average performance. Brighton were the better team throughout.

  • Why do we struggle against Brighton

  • Cecil must of been high when picking his ratings

  • I don't get how the standards for player ratings have dropped this far. Odegaard, Auba and Pepe were clearly a 2-3 performance at best. Partey, Tomy and Lokonga maximum a 4. We're drawing 0-0 to Brighton with zero attacking effort besides Smith-Rowe's chance and barely any control in the midfield. Not to say that these players aren't class, but let's give player ratings based on the this game and not on likeability/performances last week.

  • Cecil is young and know nothing about Arsenal standards. Too high of ratings. Kelechi knows though.

  • Don’t let this man do interviews and ratings. He’s not good. Talks over people and this is kelechi’s rating not his.

  • Told you guy cecils too funny what kind of ratings are these 😭😂

    • He’s being serious too

  • If Ramsdale hadn't put his hand to stop a cross, their MOTM would've had a brilliant team goal to poke in. Gabi did block a decent amount of shots too. The defence deserves a 7, while our entire attack deserved 4s and 5s. Kelechi bro, how can you give the defence 6s while giving offensive players 7s... We kept a clean sheet and scored no goals, it's the other way around, the whole game was mostly played in our half.

  • What game were you guys watching???

  • Why was Lokonga playing left back the whole game? Tierney didn’t do anything offensively, what a dumb tactic. Lokonga plays way better in his normal position you could see that end of the game.

  • Why exactly is everyone scared to say Auba had a bad game? Why is it so hard when he couldn't control any of the ball played to him? I know he has credit in the bank but the ratings are for this match not two seasons ago.

    • Sell him in January

    • Most people did say Auba was poor though.

  • Giving Aubameyang between 6-7 in this game, shows how blinded many Arsenal fans are about him. He has bascially not performed for more than a year now.

    • "It's time to go"

    • He deserves a 4, awful performance from him.

  • Pepe no more than a 2. All he did was pass backwards, get outpaced and tackled, and loose the ball. Shocking player 😄

  • Cecil never do the ratings again. Aubameyang and Tomiysu 7s each 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cecil, nice guy. Doesn’t know much about football.

  • Yea you are interviewing people for their opinions but then you can overrule them, might as well dont ask them in the first place

  • Most generous ratings ever

  • These are trash ratings

  • Kelechi is the voice of reason here, trying to give out 8 and 9's for a boring, stodgy 0-0 is bonkers, we were lucky to get the point

  • What I’m I watching? How are you guys handing out sevens?🙄🙄 I love you KC but this player ratings is a 3 for me

  • CECIL HAD A MARE WITH THIS RATINGS .. Next time separate u lots ratings.. man had Kelechi doing (Point 5s) 😂😂😂.. WOOW only White, Gabriel, Smith Rowe and Ramsdale wer 7s everyone else was below par

  • Cecil needs to hear this. Don’t rate players when you’re the one interviewing people. It’s kinda annoying ngl.

  • Aubameyang 7???????? Who let you guys do player ratings 🤣


    • It shows you how good Robbie is.

  • Cucarella had a motm performance because he had tomyasu on skates!!!! And Cecil I arguing an extra .5 for my man 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Everyone was horrible don’t understand this high ratings

  • How can you rate tomiyasu 7 he was atrocious

  • 6.5 is Cecils fave number it seems 🤔🤷‍♂️

  • Tomi a 7?? I rate the guy highly but this match he was dogshit.cucurella had him on ropes. This Cecil guy needs to be let go

  • Tomiyasu was poor end of, what did Cecil watch! He was slow to close down, rushed his passing and offered nothing going forward, 7 my arse.

  • Aubameyang work hard 🤣😂🤣🤣, one of the worst Players Ratings

  • Pepe tag price question rising again.He didnt not match 70mil player.Sell him.

  • Smith - Ødegard - Saka shouldn't be played against tough opposition!! Not every team sits back like Tottenham. Tomiyasu was left exposed frequently by Saka.. Smith needs to pass more. He has good runs but No. 10 should always look for the killer pass like Odegard.

  • Except the. Defenders and goalie. Nobody should get more then a 5. Poor especially our Captain. And 3 for Arteta for his poor timing for substitution

    • He can’t do right for doing wrong, he made subs on 60 mins not 80 mins. He had every right to see if there would be an improvement from the team for 15 mins after HT.

  • Odegaard is a home player, smith Rowe and Saka are good young men, aubameyang at home only, the back 4 look tidy, ultimately arsenal is a team that is ........6th, 7th tops? Theres nothing that can be done now, arteta will be sacked at some point the cries will become too much. If Arsenal are 7th in January he will go, and they will be, make the change in 3 games time I'd say.

  • Where tf is ty 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • if Ozil put in the performance Odegaard did we wouldn't be having it. we cannot have a number 10 that only presses - what's the point.

  • “How dare you say an Arsenal player isn’t a 10/10!” 🎧🎧🎧

  • Player Rating? It's more like a player rating debating or player rating arguments. Shouldn't just get interviewee rating? And get their point of views?

  • Cecil Just Shut the F***up... Let the man gives his honest opinion ratings its very rude of you to interrupt and overule Kelechi...What is the point of you doing ratings with kelechi with him just do it yourself

  • Cecil having a mare. 9 for Ramsdale and 7 for Tomi😭😂

    • Legit stopped watching at that point. Delusional. Troopz channel is way more watchabe than AFTV now, sad.

  • Ramsdale-7 Tomiyasu-6 White-8 Gabriel-8 Tierney-6 Lokonga-5 Partey-6 Saka-6 Odegaard-4 Smith-Rowe-6 Aubameyang-4

  • Cecil is moving like Ty with these ratings

  • AFTV player ratings has moved away from how it used to be. Robbie has to coach Cecil. This is way different now.

    • Cecil is a johnny come lately in football knowledge , not a fan of him at all. the other vid of Robbie and Lee for ratings was far better and how it should be done.

  • Lokonga lower rating than Partey. No way.