Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Smith Rowe Is Our New Wilshere (LV General)

Publisert 2. okt.. 2021
Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Smith Rowe Is Our New Wilshere (LV General)

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  • Bring sam to do what are u mad mate

  • We have to win this next home game

  • Arteta still taking to long to make subs

  • Yes auba should have won it for us

  • Yes Smith rowe should have pass to saka

  • I glad we got that point we were lucky to come away with that drawer

  • Ty, all is forgiven about the rain being an issue, we apologize that the fan base never excepted your wisdom those many moons ago

  • The way we play, Villa and Leicester could win against us. Leeds and Palace could get a draw. The only team I am confident can win is Watford.

  • If this is arsenal's best 11... arsenal are in trouble 😳... 8th again.

  • The bottom line is that Arsenal are not the Elite Club during the early Wenger days or beyond they need to change their Manager get Someone that the players would put in work game to game in all weather conditions that is the way Arsenal challenges for at least the top four that's that yaaa

  • New Wilshere? Hopefully not.

  • Who's Sam?

  • More LV General!


  • Poor from smith rowe, he should pass the ball to Saka, ESR looks selfish, we should won the game..

  • I f£&@/;( HOPE NOT!!! I rate ESR MUCH Higher. He’s already played more games in 1.5 seasons than Wilshere managed in 7/8 years. Arsenal fans ALL OVER.

  • This is a 100% a Troopz from Wish

  • Smith rowe was too selfish. it was an easy to pepe which could have win us the game

  • Arsenal got a good team. Just need a good manager like hansi flick

  • Waw . The views are dropping like mad one these fan cams

  • Wilshere was a massive flop though

  • Gassed for beating Tottenham?🤦‍♂️ I’m gassed when we beat City or Liverpool. Besting Spurs should be standard procedures!

  • Smith Rowe must be gutted he never made the move to villa

  • Blaming the Rain arsenal fans are deluded

  • Been saying it for a LONG time - Auba is a spent force, he's done! The sooner he and M A realise this and move on, the better. A mere shadow of his former self and, let's face it, we ALL know it! 😱👎😖

  • We play one game a week. If we are over playing players this season imagine if we do get back in Europe

  • We're Arsenal we need to teams like that and nick a goal. Lol the irony in that statement

  • ESR is levels above Wilshere.

  • Overplaying saka in one game every week

  • ESR is more like Ramsey. However, still needs to improve his engine and scoring prowess.

  • ESR was so selfish yesterday

  • What is Big E from WWE doing here?

  • Selfish Smith-row cost us the game

  • Robbie. You have exactly 2 brain cells. Leave our club.

  • No xhaka no you guys see who was the key 🔑 against spurs

    • @T afc no partey and his partner give away the ball a 1000times with poor passes that what let us down they over run our midfield

    • @Arsenalfc Football You cant have it both ways, Xhaka has been apart of many poor performances over his 5 seasons, he wouldve made 0 difference vs Brighton for 2 reasons 1) the whole team was poor, when has xhaka ever dragged the team to a win when the whole team is playing poor 2) The 1 thing xhaka hates is a team that presses him as soon as he gets the ball, xhaka thrives when he has time and space on the ball. I dont see how xhakas skillset wouldve been suited to this game and provided a different outcome

    • @T afc yes it's him but was this the same Arsenal team that he was playing with in them games? No Gabriel no Japanese no auba no laca no Saka no odagarrd different goalkeeper no partey lololol compelety different team son the three first games he played with the under 12s

    • Is this the same xhaka that played in our losses vs Brentford, Chelsea & Man City as well as getting sent off ?

  • Brighton are ahead of Arsenal in the standings and played better, yet this guy saying Arsenal should be winning that. loool

  • Your strongest team was last week

  • Where's our ty??

  • Pepe is going to be remembered like Audley Harrison had potential but too scared to let go. Ends up doing nothing.

  • We can't blame the weather. These men played in bad weather before. We didn't take our chances. Brighton played good ball today. We are Arsenal fans but we have to be real.

  • Cholabah has more goals then PEPE 😂

  • minus the injuries

  • Don’t curse him. Don’t get ESR injured

  • Stop giving this guy air time

  • Auba needs better finishing we should have been 3-0 up

  • You ain't a general.

  • If he didn't play Saka he would of said why didn't he play him. Alow it man. I'm here to speak the truth.

  • Clown

  • Alow the super changes in the fans just because we drew.

  • Joke "fan"

  • Big up LV general good talk and respect to AFTV ASM played well and is the future!

  • - the injuries hopefully 🙏

  • It wasn't an easy pass to Saka.

  • LV 🤣🤣💯

  • Our new Wilshere!!! that says it all.

  • Weather conditiob

  • Pass the ball to Pepe not to saka

    • Pepe's brain doesn't work, he won't figure out what's going on in time.

  • Lois Vitton General

  • Both sides played under the same weather. No excuses. We move.

  • This guy LV is a fool

  • This man has got to be friends or getting paid by Sam the way he keeps plugging him in

  • If ESR not being selfish and pass to SAKA we definitely win this game we need to get bew strikers

  • Smith Rowe is clear

  • Score more like Neal - Neal

  • LV general this 34 year old man needs to leave NOwine behind

    • Allow him he's an only child

  • Graham Potter deserves alot of credit how he has made Brighton a very decent team

  • This bruddah is forcing it if Brighton had a good striker arsenal would of get slapped up.

  • Saka is a freaking teenager. He can and he should play every minute!

  • Sorry but that’s a bad comparison for him, Wiltshire was great 1 year them good 3 and then downhill

  • Did man say Viera is going to "learn his graft"? Get him outta here.

  • Smith Rowe Is Our New Wilshere meaning he will be injured all the time?

  • It was raining in the Chelsea game and they got the win So i don’t get that excuse about the pitch

  • Aubameyang was awful

  • Nobody is like Wilshire… that boy had it all

    • @Yt_lucid i just did? I watched him at the emirates at the emirates cup v real madrid in 2008 at 16 holding his own against a very good Real Madrid team. He went into a50/50 with Salgado who was easily there toughest player at the time and got straight back up brushed himself down and carried on. Technically he is the best player we’ve produced in the last 20 years easily, just a shame his career was curtailed by injury and partying otherwise he would of been one of the legends. He still had a good career and to think he is only 29. You can be a phenomenal talent at 16-18 and not fulfill your true potential. Michael Owen, Micah Richards, Denilson (betis), Diaby, Obafemi Martins.. theres a few. Ronaldo was nicknamed phenomenon but the truth he he was a generational talent (a freak). Like Ronaldo and Messi was yesteryear and what Mbappe is now.

    • @Wayne Marshall lol, you don’t know football. Have a look at r9 at 16. You can’t use that word with player like Wiltshire. Phenomenal

    • @Yt_lucid you don’t know football bro if you didn’t think Wilshere was the messiah at 16…he was phenomenal

    • @Yt_lucid ok 👍🏿

    • He wasn’t that good

  • Btec-Mania Presents: Big E vs Bobby Lashley 😂

  • My mate ty will be very happy with this interview

  • Anyone with a brain knows smith rowe would of loved to have played that ball, Brighton’s defenders position was spot on. Clueless

    • @lil sunburn him and saka were easily the best Arsenal players on the pitch that day, and we’d be hopeless without him and everyone makes mistakes if it even was one

    • @Dee Ray and how long does he need before he can be what we expect from an arsenal no 10?? watch previous games this season...he has had pepe, and odegaard in even better positions but he still decided to not make a pass.

    • @Dee Ray still odegaard is more creative and I'm certain he would find a player in that situation

    • @lil sunburn at his age, the only thing evident is that he is still learning, but has the potential to be class. Can't get on the kids back, he's bound to still make mistakes. The fact you used Odegaard as an example of someone who would make the pass tho🤦‍♂️ Odegaard isn't as good as you make out, clearly.

    • @Dee Ray really...let's be real here. U guys over rate esr..even though it is apparent that he is selfish with the ball in keys spots.

  • LV General is way to hyperbolic for me. Does he not understand how good Wilshire was. Smith Rowe is no where near Wilshire levels

  • Smith Rowe could have passed the ball so don’t blame the weather my brotha 😭

  • I hate playing against Brighton

  • seems Potter outwitted arteta....but it was generally a bad day at the office....all the players were poor bar ramsdale....the midfielders were horrible today....put unnecessary pressure on the defence...but in previous years we would have lost that kind of game...take the point and move on to palace which is going to be another tough game because Patrick will want to prove a point

    • And Arsenal have payed 72 mil for Pepe. Dunno how long fans got to wait for him to be on a goal scoring spree. I think he was probably worth half like 36 mil at the most.

  • The pitch ? Goofy

  • LV is angry that we didnt score so he could touch Charlene a little.

    • Exactly that

    • Damn right. He had 3 rounds of touching last week

  • LV puts a smile on my face

    • @D Mensah gay

    • @D Mensah gay

    • You want more lotion?

  • I used to think Pepe is a good dribbler with no end product but I can’t recall him beating any players recently. He just does some confused twists & turns and then loses the ball. Even Jimenez is a better dribbler than him No physical strength as well. All his corners go straight to the defenders at the near post Can’t believe he’s our record signing. Tavares looks like he can be a better attacking threat than Pepe

    • Agreed

    • Still can't believe he cost 72 mil for Arsenal. At that cost he is expected to score 15-20 goals but he hasn't had that impact at all💀

  • 1 point is better than nothing WE MOVE !!! 👊🏾

    • You call Esr the next Wilshere...then blast Auba for not scoring even though he was offside?? Even if he scored the goal would be disallowed...but if esr made that pass we will be 1 nill up and 3points in the our past games he could have played pepe and odegaard in but he didn't... IMO he is selfish and should be benched...

    • @Justin Moakler Tottenham beat City though ? This is from an Arsenal fan btw

    • Man like Big E 🤩🤩😁

    • I am hearing excuses

    • @F_man Bennett Brighton are overperforming and have a top manager. Results like this happen to any team and last year we would have lost this. Defence is encouraging so we build from there

  • Robbie trying really hard finding a replacement for troops his tried yardi man white yardie premzy this guy it doesn't seem to be working 😉

    • There's only 1 Troopz. This LV guy is trying to hard. Talks nonsense and can't read the game.

    • There’s none like troopz tbh 🤣

  • Man really blamed wet pitch and rains💀 Lord LV back again fam🔥

  • These arsenal fans think way too highly of Jack Wilshere. He was good but not nearly as good as they all think he was.

    • @Lassana Lazarus You're incredibly touchy for something that doesn't matter...

    • @FeeFiFoFum  did they teach u etiquette in English? Do you guys know how to express opinions humbly and without sounding disrespectful to others?

    • That's in your arrogant opinion! You can't speak for masses! Learn manners boy

  • The way Brighton have been playing, and Arsenal recent run, it could either way.

  • Ben White is the next Van Dijk 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Can’t stand this clown 🤡

  • Who is this z tec expressions

    • LV has been around for many many years man. Hasn't changed.

    • @Keelen Snyders why? just another 2bit rude boy arsenal fan who ain't funny trying to be like ex who is funny as f**k

    • Put some respect on LV fam.

  • The rain didn't bother Brighton.

  • This ridiculous argument that because we're Arsenal we have a divine right to win. Face reality - teams like Brighton, Villa, Wolves have all improved immensely and our improvement has been meagre so we can't be surprised when the game is more competitive than it used to be.

    • @Mat Well, Lei doesn't have fans like you =))) LMFSAO. That's why they're at 5th :D. I tell you that, THAT is the difference. Jokes aside, remember that when we had The Invincibles? We HAD DRAWS too. 0-0 against Brighton??? 1-1 against Charltion, 0-0 against Fulham, 03/04's Leicester 1-1, Bolton Wanderers 1-1, Everton 1-1, Newcastle 1-1, Birmingham 0-0. The list goes on. Sooo STOP making excuses to riducule your own f*cking club. But that is only the case you're actually an Arsenal supporter.

    • @Tom if that's the case we should be on Leicester's level but we are not.

    • @Mat Well that's exactly it? It's not excuses, it's reality. Those teams have more resources, spent those resources more effectively and have been coached/managed more effectively at pitch and at Board level. My argument is exactly that; we are not as good as we once were, so why should we expect to hammer teams like Brighton?

    • @Tom excuses, excuses look at Leicester they went back to back 5th while we going 8th again, our fans need to know the truth that our players are not as good as they think, same with manager.

    • @Mat All of those 3 clubs have much greater financial resources than we do. We've not bought well in recent years (all those 3 have) and have all been managed well in recent years. We haven't.

  • Arsehit

  • Forget the conditions these are professional football players, not grannies. These people just need to wake up and play ball, simple. Fire :) Lol

    • Playin football is simple. But playing simple is the hardest thing to do.

  • Hopefully he's not our new wilshere ffs... Hopefully he stays fit and ends up miles better

  • It's not Hackney marshes mate! :D

  • I don't know if I want ESR to be the next Wilshere