Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | We Missed Xhaka (Turkish Surprise Admission)

Publisert 2. okt.. 2021
Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | We Missed Xhaka (Turkish Surprise Admission)

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  • Turkish out. Blasphemy!!

  • Where is DT? I've missed his reaction

  • These guys just rant and flip flop I don’t listen anymore

  • Xhaka is out to do his documentary abt we missed xhaka 🤣🤣🤣🤣 they wud have destroyed us wid xhaka in the team

  • Turkish is talking absolute rubbish. We didn't miss Xhaka. Infact, with Xhaka we should have lost the game or he gets us a penalty or gets a red card. With or without Xhaka, we will still not win the match. I prefer Partey/Sambi midfield pairing.

  • Not kind of they control da midfield Turkish

  • Yes i agree we have no style of play

  • Yes the weather wasn't doing us any favor

  • I believe Smith rowe should have pass it early

  • If Brighton had bissouma in the midfield it would have been worst

  • Yes wow fan's actually missing xhaka

  • 100% right Turkish, he is on thin ice big time

  • We missed Xhaka? Hypocrites of the highest quality.

  • Why is Laca always on the bench. He could have done better than Auba if he had started that game. That game was so physical. and you can't give such physicality to Auba.

  • How did you get here??? From “what is Xhaka doing at my club” to we missed Shaka??? 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾. At least your trying to be unbiased unlike most people.

  • We missed xhaka my arse

  • After the Spurs game, we should put an extra gear for this game but we just forgot and left the gears at home.

  • Looool, you guys are confused lot as usual. When the play and transition are is down to individual players but when it doesn't come off, then you don't know Arteta's style. Basically contracting your analysis in same sentence.

  • what`s with the rain ? you live in England😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • Fair play to Turkish for being honest some others wouldn't

  • Still worried Xhaka got red card again.... 😔

  • Arteta Out!

  • Tierney needed to play stricter as a LB, we were playing with two LWs for large parts of the game. Forcing lokonga out wide when we weren't making attacking runs really hampered our ability to control the game

  • These Arsenal fanboys are so chill with a DRAW !!! Nothing like the Arsenal of the old days. Had it been a Top 4 team, the manager and the fans would've lost it had their team drawn against a Brighton and Hove Albion.

  • Wasn’t Xhaka playing when they whoop us last season?

  • All these interviews I keep hearing Charlene

  • This clearly shows that Tottenham didn’t do well, and that’s why Arsenal won. If you look at the statistics , Tottenham performed better in the second half after the changes. Against Brighton, the same players and pattern, except for Xhaka. But if Arsenal had chosen to be braver, Brighton would have scored

  • Find it weird AFV would write of games before playing but Brentford can go to Liverpool n get a result n have more structure n confidence

  • I really would like to know how Xhaka was missed. I fathom to understand WHTA IT is he does to deserve regular first team football at this club. He doesn't tackle much and he doesn't assist. So how is he missed? I think in recent game Odergaard has at worked him at any defensive tasks his position requires. SO no this team WILL never miss Xhaka based on his meagre stats. Partey is just a little bit better than Xhaka ,not quick enough for this league. For perspective look at what Kante does game in and game out and you will see how poor these two players are.

  • Xhaka needs to stay away from the team por favor

  • Turkish on Zhaka?????????? I can't believe my ears and eyes

  • Back down to Earth. Pepe should be the first attacking player on the team sheet.

  • The coach should have changed formation to 4-1-4-1 since there were no Xhaka and Aubameyang should not have started lacazette should have...

  • He might not the fans favourite, but Xhaka is definitely a big part of Arteta's plans and he was missed in midfield where you were overrun for much of the game. If it wasn't for the poor finishing Brighton should have taken all three points.

  • SAKA is CURSED!!! Arsenal FC will not return to respectability until SAKA, and the CURSE, that he's afflicted with are removed from the team. TRADE SAKA NOW!!! SAKA IS CURSED!!!!

  • we have won 1 game with Xhaka this season and that was against Spurs but we missed him? Miss me with that nonsense

  • A flip flop Gooner ...... There's a suprise.... 👍. ⚪🔴 BANTER FC 🔴⚪ back to where they belong ..... 11th 😉.

  • We did not miss XHAKA we missed direction . We had the better players they had the better team,, GET ZIZU NOW!!!!!!!!

  • This game was important because Arsenal did not win more than three games in a roll in the Premier league last season. Winning 4 - 8 consecutive games would have truly shown us that we are turning the corner, at this moment we slowing down the rot but not changing the tide.

  • People are overreacting because of the way we dismantled Spurs last week. For me this is a game we would have lost last year, we’re not gonna win every single game at least we kept a clean sheet and didn’t lose

  • And Brighton missed Bissouma, Webster, Lamptey, Wellbeck and Mwepu.

  • You cnt miss xkaka please no way lokonga better

  • Did he say that he miss XHAKA 🤔🤔🤔🤔 the person who bash XHAKA day in day out all when XHAKA dont even play he still bash the guy wow 🤔🤔🤔

  • I'm still not convinced if Arteta is the right one for Arsenal. 😎

  • Goes to show you how poor are midfield is that we have to rely on Xhaka. Crazy

  • pfft, we would've probably lost if Xhaka was on the pitch. The man is super slow and crumbles under pressure in midfield, loses the ball and then jumps in with a reckless tackle. No thanks, I like our chances better without him. I've had enough of that act.

  • The rain was pouring

  • Turkish bis right. In my opinion Xhaka makes partey play freely. We were affected by I want to be the hero mentality.ESR should have made the killing pass to pepe to finish. The players should know that they are a team it doesn't matter who scores. Lokonga is great player he just needs time to grow more physical.

  • Xhaka is Ronaldo :)

  • That’s the sort of game where Xhaka would get booked early or even possibly sent off for something ridiculous.

  • turkish spitting as always

  • Why does Don Robbie have people on Aftv like Turkish? The guy is jinx and chats poo

  • The Arsenal are a very young team and the fans have to be patient for the next 3 or 4 years before they are competing for the big trophies

  • Missed xhaka?? Hahahah, these guys are so lost

  • Auba had a shocking game, every touch was heavy or too light. So many mistakes. He is such a hot & cold striker.

  • Also... misleading title to the video. Xhaka was only mentioned right at the end and only because Robbie asked about Xhaka to which Turkish replied "probably"

  • Why’s Turkish expecting 3 points against villa …. They’re a good team…..

  • We did not close them down from the front. Last week collectively we pressed and this game everyone stood around and Brighton keeper was able to pass straight through the middle of us. Everyone played poorly as Brighton pressed us. Everyone kept giving the ball away and playing crap passes for the moments we had every now and again. We did not miss Xhaka. We have been just as bad on many occasions when Xhaka has played. When pressed Xhaka has been guilty of big errors that have led to goals. This is down to Arteta what happened against Brighton. Collectively as a team we don't work as a unit and haven't done so on many many occasions. The spurs game was a rarety.

  • Loving our Turkish

  • Arsenal is getting better. We will be good soon. Let's keep 🙏

  • Is it Turkish on Xhaka? Arsenal is a good club with Supporters of integrity and Humility. Great leaders

  • See how turn Tables 😂😂😂

  • Potter was very clever today he played 5 in midfield leaving our midfield outnumbered and 3 at the back with very big defenders making it difficult for our forward players on a windy and wet match day although its Artetas job to find a solution and he didn’t do that. When you don’t play well don’t lose and we didn’t so not all negative, with a young team we will see this sometimes COYG

  • Only miss him because we have no better

  • Robbie: We mustn’t forget it has been raining

  • No guarantee if xhaka played, we win this game. Why has everyone suddenly jumped onto xhaka's lap?

  • Hahahaha they spent there whole last few years trying to sell him and slate him and now. They say they miss him this is exactly why people love seeing arsenal fans miserable

  • Can those who trust the process explain to us what Arteta's style of play is,or what he's trying to do

    • good question, very good. where was laca?? he can hold a ball away from home.

  • Correction - We missed the Errorless Xhaka.

  • LOL, this crew make me laugh time to time... There was only one problem this day, Ödegaard was hiding, thats all, but Xhaka is the solution there

  • At LAST Xhaka has been given the credit he deserves - the reason why M.A will always start him when fit. I'd like to see Granit'S detractors now eat humble pie and show him the respect he deserves! 👍👌👏😱

  • Why am i hearing them say arsenal had the best chances? This channel is deluded, they got battered for 90 minutes

  • Arsenal should have won 1Nil. We didn't missed Xhaka, if Xhaka had played we probably would have lost. .Auba was very poor. .saka was very poor. . Smith Rowe should have passed the ball to Pepe and arsenal would have won 1nil.

  • Toney in

  • Xhaka is kind of underrated tbh. Most people realize it when he ain't playing. If he doesn't have moments of madness here and there, he would be everyone's favourite. The team looks better when he plays tbh.

  • That wasn’t gonna help us

  • Let's be real xhaka wouldn't do nothing he would have been liability with high press

  • Damn. Aftv and chill

  • Conditions are terrible lol they were the same for both teams. Try playing on a grassroots pitch

  • Get konty before he is gone

  • Xhaka isnt good enough. Was devasted he wasnt sold to Roma.. He is too error prone & ill disciplined.. Today him, David Luiz or Leno may hav cost us 3 points.. its happened the past few seasons in these kinda games.. It was a good point away frm home against in form Brighton. Goin forward we lacking ruthlessness

  • Villa are gonna SMASH Arsenal

  • Emil Smith row is selfish so much

  • Lol You lot should stop with this style of play thing. It's so nonsense. His style of play is getting more and more of those moments you talk about. Our attack was just bad today and our midfield ws a it absent that's not up to the style of play it the players, playing away and the way the other team played too

  • hahahahahaha Turkish eat his own words

  • We need momedan elneny :)

  • Can this Turkish guy say something positive about Ramsdale and Xhaka? what were we all hearing until our eardrum is tore apart all the summer? he should be ashamed to say what he said.

  • Didn't he and many others cursing out Xhaka and now he misses him?🤣🤣🤣 This proves that Arsenal fans are a bunch of knobheads

  • Robbie turning into ty talking about his conditions

  • These interviewed people are a joke. Xhaka missed? 🙄. Slagged off before. 😑

  • I see the success of AFTV has allowed Robbie to pick and choose his games.

  • Brighton almost bullied us. Honest review. Arteta should have bring on Laca & Martinelli to threat Brighton in 2nd half. Auba's some ball control was shocking 👀 Cant understand Arteta's tactics sometime 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • have you guys watched the training videos of Atletico, it looks like the standard between amateur n professional that's why our players suffered from fiercely physical competition ,lastbi saw quite a munber of these scenes

  • Nahhh..just let lokonga and partey play,they get the chemistry eventually..i dont think xhaka will make any difference in that game,brighton was on great form..we stuck with xhaka for very long time and we know already what he capable of.

  • I take it as Ty had polluted him a little bit.

  • He is deluded to his core 🤣🤣🤣

  • Turkish been taken off of Watchalong duty?

  • What they did was to isolate the middle in their build up so to disorient Partey and force him to move out of his position so that Lalana can find that pocket and free players upfront and dominate. This tactics works well since most of our midfielders in Odegaard and ESR did not show up for the fight and Auba is not built for this sort of game. I believe we can do better by: 1. Start with Laca for his holdup play up front 2. Bring on Martinelli for ESR to a) pin them back the way Saka is doing on the other end b) run at players and c) provide alternative to Auba for the Brighton’s defense 3. Tell Sambi to be Sambi Odegaard struggle because almost every time he has the ball there is no one to pass to apart from Saka. Our defense was excellent and our goalkeeper was great. I think one of the things we need to work on is our aggression, showing for the ball (taking risk), shooting on goal, and precise passes. We let Spurs game get into our head, we do not high press, so many misplace passes, and quickness in our transition we stall on the ball too much and we get caught many times thanks to poor touch and shooting from Brighton’s players and a solid sensitive awareness from our goalkeeper Ramsdale.

  • I'm gonna comment this until I die: Me: Xhaka was great today. Some idiot in live chat: What did Xhaka do well today Justin?

  • Too many players were caught on the ball today. Dwelling on the ball and slowing down play too much