Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Were Brighton Lucky?! (Julian)

Publisert 2. okt.. 2021
Brighton 0-0 Arsenal | Were Brighton Lucky?! (Julian)

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  • Fk celtic

  • Absolute bollocks Brighton dominated you all the game

  • What a prat in a hat

  • 0:46 Brighton ultras need to be stopped

  • Not all crack addicts are homeless and jobless, some wear dippy hats and watch Arsenal

  • Big up Julian. I disagree, Mate, but always like to hear different perspectives.

  • So arsenal will never win in rain season

  • Brighton bullied them in that match; Lucky they didn't scores about 4 goal hahaha

  • 3:00 we played in the same way we've played in the last few games - huh?

  • It actually hurts me how some fans spend so much time and effort following a club and still have absolutely no idea what's going on

  • I never understand the hate. What has Julian said that's so outrageous? They didn't adapt to the conditions makes him delusional? Or is this just a running Ty and Daniel Levy joke that's clouding everyone's perception? I'm honestly lost here...

  • Ty 2.0

  • You guys remember Chris???....Chris 2.0

  • Julian gave an excuse that we can't play well in this condition. If the condition is better, we could play better. BUT he forgot that Brighton also could play better in a better condition too. That 21 shots and 2 shots on target could end up 21 shots 12 shots on target. OMG... Stop giving this type of excuse anymore. I fed up since Ty gave the same excuse a few years. Stop being childish. You cannot being biased on your review of the performance. This rain was never favor to anyone. Take it or leave it.

  • Julian said we were up for it because we not concede??? Is that the right reason for being up for it? I can put 10 players behind the ball, just not to concede the goal. I want a win, bro....

  • This type of fan is why Arsenal are in terminal decline! BHAFC.

  • This guy pisses me off so much I actually hate him

  • Though Brighton was dominant in possession, Arsenal could have robbed the bank easily coz we had the best chance of the game but failed to capitalise. Draw was a fair result. We Move!!!

  • What game did y'all watch last night I could swear Brighton looked like the big team between the two teams considering that the other team spent 150M

  • Bollocks to the weather conditions. I'm a Brighton fan and we didn't adapt our game to the conditions, we played the same as we always do under Potter. Stop making excuses.

  • “Brighton didn’t test us” wow! How is that even being said we had so much more possession the only thing that we could of done better was put the ball in the net. We had 20+ shots yes we had 2 shots on target but you can’t forget dunks missed an open goal Duffy hit the side netting ect we battered them the whole game and this guy really thinks Brighton didn’t test arsenal. How!😭

  • Nah at this point he just doing it for clout he acting stupid

  • We deserved a point each. I think it was a fair result based on the performance. But not gonna lie if anyone deserved the win more I'd have to say Brighton deserved it more than us. Not the worst result in the world but still not happy about it.

  • The good news for him is No Brain No Tumour

  • Were Brighton lucky? It's just a not saying Brighton were lucky... Then why say it at all....oh I see profile and clicks👌

  • Julian says that Arsenal did not adapt to the conditions, how is that delusional?

  • He's the white version of Ty.

  • Is he more deluded that ty😂

  • This guy's my favourite new comedian. Always has me laughing.

  • How delusional is this gent, Brighton had two of their better players missing and dominated the game.

  • This guy is absolutely delusional, Cucurella DOMINATED the game and One of Arsenal’s best players Tomiyasu. If they had a decent striker, they’d have won 3-0 comfy. Joker.

  • Hes ruining the channel

  • Julian is on drugs. Brighton was all over Arsenal..just didn't put the ball in the net. Blaming the weather ffs 🤦🏻‍♂️ You can see the delusion in his eyes!!

  • Robbie take him off vwe don't want another ty

  • this guy is just annoying

  • How can someone who watch’s football all the know nothing about the game I don’t get it

  • I hate hearing but they only had 2 shots on target mentality. So if a ball wizzes by the post and just manages to miss the net, it’s not considered even a decent chance?

  • Brighton were lucky that they didn't score :)

  • I’ve heard it all now the weather was bad ? Brighton smashed arsenal fair and square and Brighton we’re the better side by miles

  • He's the most delusional guy on here I think he still believes in father Christmas

  • Respect us lol

  • if you want to get exploded, go and listen to this guy!!!

  • But the sky is green, look !!

  • Ty is not even that deluded

  • This guy smokes more zoots than troopz

  • "Was it a good performance" It's not terrible 😂

  • No mate this was a good time to play Brighton not a bad one! No Bissouma, Welbeck or Webster and Lamptey deemed not quite ready so a weakened midfield and a bit lightweight up front and lacked pace attacking down the right. If all of those were playing we’d have won as even with a severely weakened side we outclassed Arsenal for long periods. You didn’t play the free flowing football of last week because Spurs are awful and gave you acres of space to play in..we didn’t let you! Conditions had an impact on the quality of the game but weren’t the reason Arsenal were outplayed. Don’t be fooled by odd goal wins over the bottom 2 and beating Spurs! Even a weakened Brighton are a match for anyone now

  • Not even an arsenal fan but this guy pisses me off

  • Another insightful interview with Julian. He sees things that others just aren’t astute enough to see. I wish I was as intelligent and articulate as Julian but that is just a pipe dream. 😉

  • This guy really does rub people up the wrong way

  • I sometimes wonder if some people have a different match on.

  • This is exactly why arsenal fans cant be taken seriously

  • I don't think you listening what he actually explained about both teams

  • There is the white ty, but what happened to ty? Did he run away as soon as the game ended?

  • I see Ty is not around. He also missed one of the live streams the other day on AFTV. I hope Ty is OK 👍🏾👍🏾

  • He reminds me of a Spurs fan with his delusions.

  • The most embarrassing thing about Arsenal is AFTV posting videos of deluded Julian the guy is a total idiot.

  • This guy is a clown.. he loves repeating a question to form an answer.

  • Blame the weather the blokes are full

  • Julian cannot be a ‘legacy Gooner’ if he wants to use the weather as one of the excuses for Arsenal not winning. Surely this cannot be the first time he had seen Arsenal play in the rain.

  • Our Players have to get used to the capricious weather we have in England you can go to the grounds and experience the four seasons in one match. Julian is right they never adapted to the conditions Arteta does not seem to have a plan B or C up his sleeve you have to be more flexible if plan A is not working then go to plan B. Auba should have come off at halftime we looked better when Lacca came on he held the ball up better bringing others into the game. Partey needs to stop trying so hard when he is shooting and then the goals will come.

  • 10 points from 4 games. Still most aftv are not happy

  • Its raining give me a break

  • Good performance defensively!!! Attacking terrible

  • Brighton have a number of injurys and still dominated the game... But apparently we missed xhaka tyats why we didn't win according to some people I'm actually fed up with this arsenal team same crap all the time no consistency indidnt see hardley anything that resebled last week performance.. for me the players wassnt up for it

  • Ty and Julian: Dumb and Dumber Part 2

  • 🌧 ☔️

  • How deluded ! Arsenal got battered

  • I’m sure Julian is really ty when ty identifies as a white man

  • Please stop talking to this guy. He's an embarrassing

  • Julian's now got the hat, come on bruv, stick on red nose next week please.

  • This guy sums up what is wrong with our club has not got a clue

  • It's raining for both side good old sayin

  • Stop interviewing this guy.. ruining credibility of the channel.. ty is ty.. people accept that. This guy is just a clown.

  • i'm so glad AFTV interview people who are a few sarnies short of a picnic. it's fun to watch

    • Agree. I love the way this guy triggers people in the comments😅. People take things too seriously.

  • Loving the Celtic half and half Julian ✊✊💚❤️🍀 proper retro cap of 1991, was that spiders testimonial???

  • You're right Julian

  • Stop interviewing this guy

  • For 2 Weeks we were on the bottom posession do Not win games Goals and attitude win games

  • Lmao. This fella is a proper jester. Even has the hat now. 🃏

    • An Irish hat not even Irish wtf 😂

    • @DoYouEvenLiftBro lol you may be right

    • The transformation is underway. In a few months he will be fully kitted out, just like Ty.

  • He is correct. we need to drop the unrealistic expectations on a very young new squad which have only played 4 games together.

  • I swear to god this dude and Ty both should have thier own comedy sitcom show about 2 delusional Arsenal fans living together.

  • What a clown

  • Arsenal were lucky brighton outplayed them

  • I think he's on lsd big time

  • This Julian guy give a massive cuckhold vibes 🤣

  • Chris from the early days of AFTV = Julian

  • This Geezer is guy Ty 2.0 Brighton bossed us. We woz lucky to get a point.

  • Some one need to take his crack pipe away from him ok.

  • People o talking about the weather as if Brighton play long ball football , do people not know that they play a possession game with quick passes ? It’s not like we were playing against Burnley who would benefit from this weather we were playing a team that if anything the rain affected then more then us .

  • Imagine living with this guy? He must be on his 6th marriage by now. Wife no 5: 'The sex is bad'. J: You mean the sex just isn't as good? So what arent you performing as well as before? Wife no 5: Loud footsteps. Door slams! J: Wonder why she doesn't look happy? Probably the rain. Must call Ty for advice now.

  • cold rainy night in Stoke

  • I think Julian is spot on and the interview was spent not actually understanding what he was trying to say until the penny dropped at the end. He is absolutely correct, they set up a team and tried to play a game like it was last week. You have to adapt to the conditions, which AFC did not. Also, for those who say it's the same for both teams, I would agree with you here. However, you can't always say that in every match for every game. There are going to be some games where the weather conditions may benefit some teams rather than other teams, as with pitch conditions. How often do we see FA cup games where a top club goes away to a lower league team and can't play a passing game while the lower league team will play a more arial game and the pitch will not effect them as much. The same for water logged and windy games. That said, in this game Brighton do play a passing game, and it is fair to say (for this game), it was the same for both teams.

  • Good team Brighton, good point away in a monsoon and please stop the whinging aftv.

  • The weather excuse is laughable, Brighton played in the same weather conditions as us 😂

  • He's worse than Ty

  • This man personifies a weak arsenal fan.. I don't blame him.. The team has been mediocre for so long that he's okay with such a weak pathetic lucky performance away from home. Blame the club for being so Weak and spineless for over a decade. Julian is a representative of this.. That's how I see it.. As "delusional" as he is to some. You arsenal fans haven't realised that you're truly a mid table team.. Least Julian has

  • Cecil just putting words in Julian's mouth the whole interview. Lol

  • Where not lucky but we should of had a penalty for foul on smith rowe

  • How does Julian keep a straight face??? Britain's best comedian on tour in Brighton today, folks 😂