A Point Gained or Two Points Dropped? Ft Ty | AFTV News Daily ft TY

Publisert 4. okt.. 2021
A Point Gained or Two Points Dropped? Ft Ty | AFTV News Daily ft TY

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  • Legend

  • never going to watch an hour of ty anything buuuuut the thumbnail of ty and maupay was classic gold!

  • What were the arsenal fans chanting

  • He should be rotating Saka ,ESR with Martinelli and Pepe. Saka and ESR need a rest and those guys need the game time 👍🏻

  • What where they saying in the concord

  • Let's call a spade a spade, people hate AFTV because it is owned by a black man generating a lot of wealth from it... Key thing here: black man

  • Lol they got afew wins and started talking big about the documentary 😂 these man have forgot Brentford and the city game 🤡 that documentary will be a comedy show lads stop acting like they chose you like yous matter.

  • Lmao he said it is easy to support a team when they are winning so then why did you choose to support Arsenal in their prime and not Chelsea or Tottenham? Don't preach something you didn't practice.

    • Because they're his local team. Simple as that kid.

  • i wish we could see the guendouzi situation in the documentary, because i really love him and was sad to see him go. feels like sanchez at man u (not that guendouzi is as good as sanchez)

  • I loved Chig. That man was so smart about football NOwine won't be the same without him.

  • Sorry Ty I heard wrong regarding Kenneth Wolstenholme.

  • According to Ty 600 points dropped 💀

  • Funny how Man Utd still have the biggest fan base yet no league title since 2013, not just glory hunting. Ty just jealous of Man Utd. Understandable as Utd are a bigger club.

  • Definitely a point gained

  • Common Robbie. Give Ty a daily show. We love this guy.

  • Ty dt Claude troopz was elite times

  • If you don’t love tye there’s something wrong with you

  • After the result against spurs can only see this game as 2 points dripped I didn't see the same intensity

  • Cant stand cecil this is no what he is like

  • Ty the goat!

  • Oh god the worst 2 presenters

  • Id like to know is Ty to cool to call players by the name on their shirts ie their surnames. Sometimes it takes me a few seconds to realize who the hell he's talking about.

  • Ok so just started the video and I am going to guess TY uses the rain as an excuse

  • RIP pro beez as well he was an Arsenal fan

  • Ty is talking sence...Where as Robbie is taking his place soon !!

  • I wasn't convinced on Arteta even after the Spuds game and I still think he is not up to being a manager!

    • Captain Scarlet must be replaced by an experienced coach.

  • Brighton fans is 2 points dropped

  • as a gooner it is one point gain

  • We must not forget it's been raining

  • Guys don’t worry ! We got a point to a very good team and our next four matches are Against teams that are bad and we have International break

  • Never talks about the game, always evrything around it

  • Man city scored 2 against Brighton and still lost They also drew to liverpool so come on ppl. Be real

  • Martinelli need to play more games. That guy is good🔴🇯🇲💪🏾

    • ESR Øde Saka behind Martinelli / Balogun with Sambi Thomas behind with the sold back 5.. we could genuinely win the league in a few years

  • Give TY a lift next time

  • TY has more brain cells than Cecil.

  • Shout out to the Don Real One!! Big 🆙 Ty absolute Legend and @Cecil get to playing football in the rain soon…… suppose you’s got a fair result as they tried it and was tactical height wise and all that. Good Point Regardless.

  • Arteta does not have the kahoonas to drop auba and overplays esr and saka needs to rotate and play balogen and martinelli whats he got to loose its not like auba is banging goals and the other two just look tired

  • What song are they talking abt?

  • Two points dropped by Brighton and one point gained for arsenal. Arsenal got lucky

  • Ty rushed out cos he was scared of the Brighton fans lol

  • Cecil stoooooooop using the as an excuse did it only rain in Arsenal's half? I thought both teams used the same pitch? Stoop reasoning like an amature

    • @S p please elaborate mate

    • Roxy. Do you have a brain? Do you understand that the rain has an effect on the way you can play ball? And that if two teams have two different styles of balling that the rain can provide an advantage for one team and a disadvantage for another??

  • Not interested in any videos with Ty, he is deluded and can never answer a simple question with a simple answer, his like Joe Biden giving an answer to a question

  • What were the chants about Robbie ?

  • Ty is an embarrassing fellow. He is obsessed in his own nonsense.

  • Martinelli deserves to play more. So does Laca

  • Blimey he's out of his normal kit this is weird to see. No headphones or anything.

  • It rained in every game ffs

  • Love ty seems a nice lad. The fact he doesn't know alot about football is irrelevant.

  • It’s really good to hear TY when he isn’t rattled and provoked.

  • Martinelli is over hyped by arsenal fans imo. That goal against Chelsea had a lot of luck. He certainly has talent but was never signed to be a first team player straight away and most times I've watch him I've not seen anything speciall tbh

    • Agreed. But I think if he moved to a big club with a better coach, his potential will be unlocked.

  • The first I see Cecil not laughing when he ruffles the papers in the beginning 🤣

  • Whichever intern made the thumbnail for this vid better get compensated nicely by the Don

  • Crazy how Ty being positive is met with hate yet during the 3 game loosing streak Aftv was called too negative…10 points out of a possible 12…people are mad🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Delusion ain’t positivity,,it’s an actual mental illness buddy

    • Well it's not like Arsenal are going to do anything this season. Another midtable finish and the "we did the double over Norwich trophy".

  • Ty was spot on this video. The chants towards Robbie were disgraceful.

    • It's good to see fans are turning on AFTV a little. I think it shows that more people are backing the club now and aren't happy with the negativity AFTV throws at the club.

  • They are jealous because non of them actually got to beat arsenal invincible record and there favorite big six clubs can't either.

  • Well said Ty anyone can follow a club for the glory it takes a love for the club to follow them i have followed my team from the old first division to the 4th back up to the Premier league and down to league 1 and all the way back up this is what its all about sorrow and joy all the emotions well said Ty

  • Wow took Ty all of 12 minutes to mention the invisables you gotta love him he is a fan who follows every team Arsenal put out well done to him

  • Ty didn't do an interview because he was looking for Maupay he was about to end him right there

  • Ty thinking of flex😁👍

  • If Brenford are a shocking team ,what are Arsenal ? ffs pmsl

  • Ty is a true Arsenal Fan He supports all the teams 👏👏👏👏

  • Love Ty

  • TY is a legend ,but what is he wearing 👖 😄

  • Ty please talk more clearly and slower, remember thousands or even millions are listening to you. For God's sake, take your time speaking.

    • Winds me up listening to him. He can't even string a sentence together

  • 16:50 this Ty guy talks a lot of sense, bring him on more often

  • It’s not fair wats happening to Martinelli No excuses what a waste of talent really worried now

  • Martinelli should be coming on for SMITH ROWE with more pace on the flanks

  • Headphones broken from old age....

  • A point gained for arsenal. They were lucky to even get out of there with a point

  • 💦🍆😇

  • Ty: We played the seagull's so we had to keep a eye on our prawn sandwiches. Making a team play while trying to look out for their pack lunch's is cheating. I hope Brighton get relegated.

  • I love Martinelli and i hope he comes back in to the first team soon

  • They got Spike Lee on again 😳

  • Ty really is a true character when he’s on I always watch

  • The weather yeah? I pretty we played our best game last year against westbrom under the snow 🌨️❄️ 🤔

    • I think a couple of our new boys aren't use to them sort of games yet. Odegaard, Sambi, Tomi, Gabi and Partey still need some more experience with these conditions. You could see that Partey was uncomfortable on the ball, he was taking way too much time on it. That being said, they better adapt soon.

  • Lost because the weather🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • anyone got timestamps on funny ty moments, maybe with maupay?

  • Ty 😂😂 big up

  • TY bout to blame everything blameable, weather, Brighton cheated, NO Penalty....gonna be a long podcast

  • Cecil you live in England mate lol rain shouldn't stop the beast within!!!

  • TY didn’t do a fan cam cos he was waiting for Maupay in the car park

  • Let keep the kids out this.... 😁😂

  • Saka needs a rest, I'd be surprised if Southgate plays him as England's already through

    • @Diogène Ntirandekura I meant for the England game, he needs a rest he's played alot So far

    • A rest for what? We are in October

  • Wallahi this guy is entertainment

  • Shocking Ty turned up on time lol

  • one point gained for sure go on Arsenal

    • Lol how the standards have fallen. Arsenal are no longer a big club

  • Wow brigthon was the better the team they played way better

  • If we've aspirations to go for the title and then we should be winning this games

    • @Sean he has to be baked bro

    • @Mpho Makwarela yh wtf is this guy on? lmao

    • Wait blud aren’t you a chelsea fan i’m confused

  • Maupay you cheat!

  • Bet if they smashed Brighton he would've stayed behind for an interview and got the train home. At least we have him on now.

  • first